I was at the gorgeous Cheeca Lodge in the Florida Keys to photograph Adam and Sandy’s wedding. We had a great time at the rehearsal dinner the night before, and now it was time for the big day. Adam’s son Jack, pictured here, may have been more excited than anyone else. He was just getting out of the shower when I showed up at his dad’s room to begin shooting. Sorry for the surprise, Jack!
Jack went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready while Adam made some last-minute arrangements on the phone.
Adam and Jack were dressed and ready to go. Adam’s daughter, Maddy, joined her father and brother for a set of photos while they waited for their first look at Sandy.
And there she was! She looked beautiful in her dress with hair and make-up by Blu Bamboo. Adam and Sandy spent a few minutes alone, then joined the rest of the family inside the room.
Here’s Maddy, holding up the card she made for her dad.
Everyone in the family exchanged presents and cards to kick off the day.
Sandy got a kick out of the card Maddy made.
Sandy’s dad stepped into the room to see his daughter in her wedding gown. What a happy dad!
Sandy’s dad wasn’t the only happy one in the room… Kleenexes all around!
Sandy’s mom was there, too, with a big hug and kiss for her daughter.
The day was off to a great start. Adam, Sandy, Maddy, Jack and I headed out into the Cheeca Lodge grounds to take some pre-ceremony pictures.
And the grounds were amazing. It was lush and green… it almost felt like you were in a tropical rainforest.
What 7-year-old could resist swinging on a vine?
Sandy and the kids, throwing attitude at the camera.
Sandy was absolutely glowing throughout the day, and her smile never left her face.
The wind was picking up, and the clouds were building, so we decided the time was right to get in some pictures on the pier.
We made it out just in time…
…shortly after this set of pictures, the rain began to pour down. It worked out great, though, because it was just about time for the ceremony.
The guests were all beginning to arrive at the ceremony site.
David Feder was softly strumming on his spanish guitar as the guests came inside and found their seats.
Things got started with Sandy’s father walking her down the aisle, then giving Adam a hug.
Sandy’s mom was the first to deliver a reading.
And then one of Sandy’s friends from back home participated in the ceremony with a reading as well.
Adam’s mom and dad were seated in the front row, watching as the minister continued the service.
Sandy’s grandfather was there, too, and you can see where Sandy gets her big smile.
Maddy was seated next to her grandfather.
Sandy’s bouquet, which was designed by Floral Fantasy, a flower shop based in the Keys.
Sandy and Adam stood before the minister and joined hands.
Adam delivered his vows to Sandy…
…and a little bird listened in as Sandy made her promise to Adam.
Jack fulfilled his duties as Best Man by having the rings ready to go when the vows were finished.
Adam’s dad couldn’t have been more proud of his family on this important day.
The vows were given, the rings were exchanged…
…and after a blessing from the minister, the ceremony was complete. Congratulations!
The moms shared a sweet hug after the ceremony.
And Adam and Sandy shared a big kiss.
Time for the party! Jack showed everyone the way to the reception by pedaling ahead on his bike.
Thanks to Jack, everyone found their way to the reception safe and sound. After a delicious dinner catered by Cheeca Lodge (my mouth still waters thinking about it), Sandy’s dad took the mic and gave a speech thanking everyone for traveling to Florida to spend the day with the family.
The Best Man was next up on the stage with his toast for the couple.
Jack’s grandmother was the biggest fan of the speech.
With speeches and dinner done, Adam and Sandy enjoyed their first dance together as husband and wife.
Jack couldn’t be held back any longer… time to dance!
Everyone popped out of their seats and hit the dance floor. Sandy’s granddad even brought his dancing hat.
This photo is fun… check out the hand placement of the girl on the photo’s right. Ghost hand!
Sandy started up a conga line with her girls…
…while Adam did a shot with the guys. This was after Adam’s warm-up shot.
Dancing and drinks all around…
…Sandy was double-fisting it for a bit! I had her set the glasses down for a minute, grab Adam, and we headed outside for the day’s final photos.
I had a great time sharing the day with you and your family, Adam and Sandy. Thank-you so much for inviting me to photograph it, and congratulations on your marriage!