Sara and Ryan had a beautiful day planned, inviting their closest family and friends to join them for an intimate ceremony followed by a family dinner. I began the day in the couple’s suite where I joined Sara as she was finishing her preparations.
Here’s Sara with her childhood blanket. Her mother cut a piece out to attach to Sara’s dress.
Now that she was all ready to go, there was one last thing to do: open the card and gift given to her by Ryan.
Meanwhile, Alice was at home with Ryan and the couple’s dog, Mushy. Mushy made a special appearance in Sara and Ryan’s engagement session, too.
Mushy was a big help to Ryan as he got ready!
Just like Sara did, Ryan opened his gift from his bride before leaving their house. He headed straight over to the hotel and took his place on the balcony outside of the bridal suite, where they were holding their ceremony.
Sara couldn’t help but peek out the window as Ryan took his place in the designated first look spot. She was absolutely giddy with excitement!
There were lots of happy tears as Sara and Ryan shared their first look. After a few moments of taking each other in, we headed out of the hotel and to the Chicago streets for some pre-ceremony portraits.
The first stop was the Art Institute Garden, not far from the hotel. It was a perfect day to be taking pictures and we had plenty of time to spend in the garden enjoying it!
We headed down Lake Shore Drive for this next round of pictures by the lake. The couple couldn’t help but dance for joy in between posed shots!
Last stop before going back to the hotel (and the ceremony!) was the Kinzie Street Bridge.
That’s a wrap! Time to get married!
Sara and Ryan’s parents were waiting in the hotel suite and were the first to see them when they got back. Lots and lots of hugs were exchanged before we headed downstairs for the Ketubah signing.
The grandparents watched from the front row, proud smiles on their faces as Sara and Ryan signed their Ketubah.
Minutes later, we were on the balcony of the couple’s hotel suite as their ceremony began with the traditional circling of the groom. It was a wonderful ceremony, too, and some of my favorite moments are shared in this collection of images:
And with the breaking of a glass, Ryan and Sara were married! Mazel Tov!
As Sara and Ryan walked down the aisle, we noticed a group of people observing the ceremony from afar.
Sara and Ryan are now officially married! High five!
Sara’s mom couldn’t stop the happy tears from flowing!
Glasses of champagne were handed out for a toast…
…and then everyone headed across the street for dinner. Sara and Ryan took a moment to thank everyone for coming once everyone found their seat.
Before I left, I was sure to take a picture of the rings on top of this Mushy look-a-like.
Congratulations on your marriage, Sara and Ryan! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!