It was the last day of 2013 and I was with Sarah and Eric, ready to party like it was 1999, as they began their new year with their wedding. The ceremony and reception were both held at one of my favorite venues, Salvage One, and I met up with Sarah there as she was wrapping up hair and makeup.
Beaming from ear to ear, Sarah couldn’t have looked more gorgeous. Charles Ifergan styled the bride’s hair and makeup artist Ruthie Greensphan finished Sarah’s look.
Sarah’s mom was just as happy as the bride. Seen here, mom goes in for wedding-day kisses from her daughter.
There was plenty of love to go around! Sarah was sure to spend quality time with everyone, including her (soon-to-be) niece.
The last item of preparation was putting on the gown. Sarah’s bridesmaids gathered together to assist in wrangling the dress.
Sarah slipped right in to it!
It was wonderful to see such a close-knit family spending time together on this happy day. Sarah’s brother didn’t want to miss out, dropping by to see how things were going.
Mom helped Sarah with the necklace; the final, perfect touch…
…and then Sarah set out to meet up with Eric.
Eric was waiting for his first look at his bride in the ceremony area- the exact spot where they would be saying “I do” a short time later.
Sarah tapped Eric on the shoulder, and he turned around, tears welling up in his eyes. I’m sure there were a couple of misty eyes between some of the family members who were watching from the pews, too!
All smiles, Sarah and Eric posed for their first round of wedding-day portraits.
Eric’s dad was standing nearby, watching with pride.
Eric couldn’t get over how amazing Sarah looked in her dress.
It was a beautiful moment, and I hated to break it up…
…but it was time for pre-ceremony portraits around Salvage One!
There are so many beautiful corners available for portraits in this venue.
And when you’re working with a couple as photogenic as Sarah and Eric, the pictures practically take themselves!
We worked every corner of that antique store, so I gave them a moment to sit back and relax.
One last portrait under the film canopy…
…and then we headed upstairs to join the rest of the family.
Sarah’s mom was poised and ready to help the bride put on her veil.
Eric and his mother-in-law had a special moment as they gazed lovingly at Sarah.
Eric’s dad shared a moment with his son as well, before everyone gathered for the ketubah signing.
After reading the document, Sarah and Eric took turns signing the ketubah.
There were plenty of laughs and smiles after the signing. A few moments later, everyone was making their way downstairs to find their seats for the ceremony.
Eric was escorted down the aisle by his father and sister.
And Sarah followed, as her mom and brother walked her to join Eric.
They joined hands at the front of the room and the ceremony began.
Sarah’s stepfather and mother watched from under the chuppah.
This ring bearer did his best to entertain himself while he waited for the party to start.
Eric’s niece got a little emotional.
Near the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom exchanged rings and vows.
And then they were declared to be husband and wife!
Their marriage began with a hug and a kiss.
Sarah, Eric and their guests headed out to cocktail hour, and I set out to take photos of the day’s details- like the ornate corners of their chuppah.
Eric wore Sarah’s papa’s tallit. Her papa was one of her favorite people in the world! It was only fitting that he was there in spirit.
The yellow rose in the center of Sarah’s bouquet was in remembrance of Eric’s mother.
Ryan from Stemline Creative did a marvelous job with the floral design.
I loved the placement of their cake. Beautiful!
Everything looked perfect, ready for guests and the dinner prepared by Jordan’s Food of Distinction.
The guests found their seats and Sarah and Eric made their grand entrance.
Sarah’s mom and stepfather began the celebration by kicking off the speeches.
Eric’s father was up next with some words of advice for the newlyweds.
Eric and Sarah are so grateful for their large, loving family. Many attended the celebration.
Sarah’s brother had everyone laughing during his toast.
And finally, Eric and Sarah thanked everyone for attending and sharing their day.
Eric’s stepmother radiated happiness as she listened to the newlyweds speak.
With speeches concluded, Sarah and Eric shared their first dance as husband and wife.
Oh, man! The kids fell asleep before dancing started. It had been a busy day!
Most of the other guests were awake, though, and excited to tear up the dance floor!
Emilio (aka DJ E-Six) of Crossfader King had everyone up on their feet…
…and counting down the minutes until the New Year!
Drinks in hand, guests were all set to party away the last few minutes of 2013.
And what a party it was, too! Check out this next series of photos, which highlight just how swinging this dance party was!
Eric made sure his bride was close for when the countdown started.
A balloon drop was planned for midnight… one balloon got a little excited and made its entrance early!
Eric’s dad received a sweaty bear hug to finish his year.
And then it was time! 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!
What a great way to start 2014!
Congratulations, Sarah and Eric! Thank-you for inviting me to your party!