Sarah and Eric have a New Year’s Eve wedding planned, and I’ll be ringing in the New Year with them this year as we celebrate their marriage!
Their engagement session began with some portraits of their best buddy, who was very obedient for the camera.
So photogenic!
The pup’s modeling duties complete, Sarah, Eric and I headed out on our own for the rest of the engagement session.
Our first stop was the rail yard in the west side of the city.
I was excited to hear about more of their wedding plans… they’ll be having their ceremony and reception at one of my favorite places- Salvage One!
Ack! Pesky nature, getting all over Sarah’s dress!
Good thing Eric is such a gentleman, and didn’t mind taking care of those clingy burrs.
We thought it best to get out of nature and on to the pavement, stopping by one of my new favorite murals.
And we had to represent for Chicago!
This cracked-out cat is always a treat for unsuspecting couples.
Look what Eric found! We were happy to come across a friendly vendor who was glad to let us borrow his cart for a few pictures.
And no one turned down a frosty treat!
We spotted an on-looker as I posed them in front of this rainbow fence.
But Sarah and Eric were very comfortable in front of their audience!
A sure way to spot Jeremy Lawson Photography clients- they’re the ones not grossed out by the gory rat mural and agree to have their picture taken with it.
Whew! I put Sarah and Eric through it!
Time for a snack to recharge.
Eric looked very dashing in his ‘Jim’s Original’ hat.
Definitely thumbs up. The food was delicious!
Our next stop was Richard’s Bar. This is where Sarah and Eric first met!
A quick round of shots…
…and a little making out…
…and our food and drink tour continued with some Big Star tacos!
Their fuzzy buddy joined us, drooling over the thought of nabbing a taco (or two).
Sarah and Eric, I had a great time hanging out with you and your pup! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding… it may be the best New Year’s yet!