Things were relaxed and going smoothing in the penthouse suite at Eaglewood Resort where Sarah and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The ladies were having a great time visiting and enjoying the room’s amenities.
Sarah’s hair and makeup, styled by Tamara Makeup was complete and the bride was waiting to slip into her dress.
One of the bridesmaids gave me an energetic view of her personalized robe- a gift from the couple.
Sarah went into the bedroom to get her dress on… she forgot one important item!
The bridesmaids gently prepared the dress for Sarah to step in to.
A little adjusting…
…and our bride was good to go. Sarah’s mom couldn’t hold back a big hug right after her first glimpse of her daughter.
Sarah and I set out to meet up with Tim.
Even though she was excited to see her groom, I had her quickly stop by this gorgeous wall for a few portraits.
Tim was in place and waiting for Sarah to make her entrance.
There were on-lookers! Getting flashed before the ceremony is a sign that the upcoming party is going to be awesome.
Three of the bridesmaids were watching from their balcony as well.
Tim and Sarah shared a moment together…
…and then met up with the wedding party in Eaglewood’s arcade room.
This is the way to do it! Cocktails and games before heading out to get hitched.
Family members filtered in to join in the fun.
Everyone grabbed a drink…
…and then got busy playing games.
Sarah and Tim faced off at the air hockey table.
And this bridesmaid was a natural at the hunting video game.
Sarah watched as one of the groomsmen tested his driving skill with “Off-road Thunder”.
Look at that concentration.
Sarah’s parents were taking in all of the excitement.
The bridesmaids started up an impromptu foosball tourney. Goooooal!
The big win of the afternoon came at the claw machine…
…this thirsty little frog would make several appearances throughout the evening.
Be on the lookout for him!
The ceremony was drawing near. Sarah sank one more shot…
…and then we were off to Venuti’s for the ceremony and reception.
Sarah’s mom took her seat in the front row. She was so excited to see Sarah walk the aisle!
Sarah’s father escorted her to the front and gave her away with a kiss.
The couple shares a heart-felt laugh during the bride’s vows.
Look at this bride beam as her ring is put on. She couldn’t be happier that she’s married! Congratulations!
The guests enjoyed the beautiful weather on Venuti’s balcony during cocktail hour.
I snuck up on Sarah’s grandparents to snap a portrait…
…and caught a picture of Tim’s mom while I was at it.
The guests were all enjoying cocktail hour, and were looking forward to the delicious meal that was coming up next. They finished their drinks and headed into the ballroom.
When the guests found their seats, the bride and groom made their entrance.
There was a lot of energy in the room… I was already excited for the dance party to start!
First, though, was dinner and speeches. Sarah’s dad led them off with a few words of advice for the couple.
Next up was the maid of honor with her speech in honor of her friends.
With speeches completed, Sarah and Tim took to the dance floor for their first dance together as husband and wife.
And then it was finally time to get down!
These guests were ready to work up a sweat.
Grab your dancing partner and get out there!
I need to carry a sign like this with me everywhere.
I think I caught these dancers by surprise!
I love running into former clients! I photographed Julianne, on far left, at her own wedding.
Here’s lookin’ at you…
The dance floor at Venuti’s is fantastic. There’s lots of room to spread out and cut loose… which is exactly what this bridesmaid did!
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bump ‘n grind.
Sarah called all of her sorority sisters on to the dance floor when the DJ cued up their song.
I told you to be on the lookout for this guy!
Tim was pumped to celebrate with his fraternity brothers.
This is Mark, in the middle. He’s the husband of Julianne, the former client in the photobooth a few frames back. He looks a little wary of what’s about to happen.
What a way to end the night. Tim and his fraternity brothers were singing their hearts out!
The last shot of the day was of the rings, which I framed next to pictures of Brody and Rooney, Sarah and Tim’s dogs. What a set of cuties!
Congratulations on your marriage, Sarah and Tim! I had a blast celebrating with you!