I met up with Sarah and Tim for their engagement session a few weeks ago and was excited to take them to all of my favorite Chicago photo spots.
The first stop was the bridge, which I love shooting for all of the great buildings in the background.
We even got this fun picture of crowds crossing the busy street.
It was a short walk to this photo-op on the river. Sarah cuddled up to Tim while my camera clicked away.
I encouraged them to show me their best dragon roars when we came across this mural.
It’s been a long time since I played the “name the luchador” game. When I used the luchador name generator this time, it gave me the name “Tornado Gris” or, “Grey Tornado”. Huh.
Time to wander into some of the alleys for some gritty urban realness.
I can’t help myself. I love all the vivid color of this spot, and think it’s a wonderful place for engagement photos.
This is another place that’s just perfect for engagement photos.
Sarah and Tim were great models, and I was having a blast working with them. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in May of next year.
And as much fun as it was to photograph Sarah and Tim, things got even better with the addition of their two dogs.
What good manners from the pups!
Do you remember how old you were when you found out there was no poop fairy?
These two were having a ball at Montrose Dog Beach.
Lots of splashing, running, sniffing and playing.
One of the family’s favorite games is playing fetch with Sarah’s sandal.
I had a great afternoon with you, Sarah and Tim! I’m looking forward to seeing you again next May for your wedding!