Look at this cutie. Baby Selah is the daughter of Dawn and Ben, who hired me to photograph their engagement photos and wedding two years ago. The happy parents were excited to have some photos taken of the newest addition to their family.
Selah was all smiles and giggles as her daddy got her ready.
The first place we went was the beautiful garden in Selah’s front yard.
I didn’t even ask for a pose. She’s a pro!
Selah is curious and unafraid to explore the world around her! Here, she’s tasting some flowers. You never know… could be delicious.
In the end, though, she decided it’s more fun to play with flowers than taste them.
Whew! Playing works up an appetite. Time for a snack.
The fruit tasted way better than the flower.
All done! Selah’s mom wiped up her face a bit…
…and then we headed inside for a few pictures.
Selah wanted to show me her favorite toy, a wooden spoon. She put on a great concert!
After the concert it was nap time.
Selah snuggled into her bed and said good-bye before dozing off.
It was wonderful seeing you and your family, Selah! I hope you continue to have fun as you explore the world!