The wedding day had finally arrived. I began the day with the grooms at their home in Andersonville as they finished preparations. While they finished with details, I took a sneak peek at the ceremony script.
They were helping each other with their bow ties when I arrived. It was a tough feat!
There were a few odds and ends to gather before heading out the door…
…like these cufflinks, crafted from vintage typewriter keys. Each member of their wedding party received a pair.
Our grooms helped each other into their jackets…
…and then it was time to get married!
The apartment was locked up…
…and we made our way through the courtyard…
…heading out into the city for a round of pre-ceremony photos.
Not far away, located under Lake Shore Drive, were these colorful mosaics.
The bright bursts of color make a perfect backdrop for portraits.
We continued our trip through the city with a stop at Hopleaf in Andersonville.
They ordered a round of drinks…
…and found a perfect table right next to the window at which to enjoy them.
Cheers to the wedding couple!
And of course, we ordered some fries. We had to keep our energy up… there was a huge party planned!
After the drinks were finished we went for a walk around the neighborhood.
These comfy All-Stars were worn by each member of the wedding party.
No need to be shy! It’s your wedding day!
At last we arrived at the Ravenswood Event Center where the ceremony and reception were held. Their families greeted us as soon as we arrived.
Someone was ready for a big hug!
The wedding party was completely comprised of their siblings. I rounded them all up and escorted them behind the venue for the following series of pictures.
They were suddenly inspired to break out their best West Side Story moves.
The photo session was a blast!
And inside, things were just as fun as I arranged everyone together for family pictures.
Soon after the group photos had been taken, the guests began to file in and take their seats.
The ceremony began with the wedding party taking their places…
…and then they made their big entrance.
Close friends of the couple participated in the ceremony by delivering readings.
He took in a deep breath before delivering his marriage vow.
Their good friend presided over the ceremony, and she did a wonderful job.
Finally, after vows and rings were exchanged, they were declared to be married.
While the guests left the ceremony area and made their way into cocktail hour, the couple spent some time alone.
It was a beautiful night to be out on the Event Center’s wonderful balcony.
When cocktails were over, each of their siblings gave a toast, as seen in this series of photos.
The newlyweds were the last to take up the microphone, and thanked everyone for sharing in the celebration with them.
They shared a special first dance together.
Dustin from Toast & Jam did an incredible job as their DJ, but even more incredible was his lapel pin. Breathless!
Everyone was in the mood to celebrate!
He shared a dance with his mother…
…while his sister showed off some of her best moves.
This couple is Scott and Katie. I’ll be seeing them again this March when I shoot their wedding!
The party was a huge success, as you’ll see in this final series of pictures:
What a night! Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you for sharing the day with me!