Meet Shann! This cutie is all smiles, and he was ready to show them all off for the camera.
Paritosh and Shivani, Shaan’s mom and dad, were there, too. The whole family was ready to explore the park!
There were lots of things to see, too…
…Shaan was especially impressed with the colorful flowers.
Look at that face! I could have spent hours photographing this guy!
I think Shaan is a fan of being outside, and I bet there are many more hikes ahead in the future of this family.
Shaan did such a great job during the photo shoot that he deserved a reward. First, Dad tossed him in the air…
…and then some time on the swings. Much deserved, Shaan! I hope to see you and your family have a great fall and that we see each again soon!