I have been waiting for this one for awhile! Yes, Don got a tattoo for the engagement session. AH!!

I was greeted at the door with this. =)

And this…
And this… Their dogs were great. Congrats to Sheena and Don as well. They just got a new puppy today!
And then we were off to a graveyard in the burbs.
And a quick port-o-let break!
Don was hamming it up all day. Sheena gets groped.
I really like this one.
Forest preserves are always awesome for photos!
And then Don gets out his toy to head to the tattoo shop.
Me and Sheena thought we were in trouble. We got there first and the cops were there because someone left their car in the lot all night.
And the tattoo…. Sheena’s lips!!!!! She had to get the perfect lip-print for the tattoo artist.
We stepped outside for some quick shots while he was working on the tattoo sketch.
Don’s bike made a great prop!
Here is Tony, the tattoo artist, hard at work!
And this is what he came up with!
And the fun begins!
Don in agony and Sheena was as happy as could be! Ha.
Thanks for letting me get this on camera!!! It was a blast.
See you at the wedding!!!!