My wonderfully talented friend Betsy is the creator of a show entitled “She’s Folks!” that was recently performed at Davenport’s Piano Bar. The show features Betsy and her friends performing bluegrass, gospel and folk music between anecdotes about Betsy’s life growing up in rural Ohio. The show sounded right up my alley, so I was excited to attend and see Betsy and her crew in action!
I started off with everyone backstage as they got ready for the performance…
…it wasn’t too long before they were on stage entertaining the crowd.
The show was fantastic. Betsy’s stories were hilarious and heartwarming, and her signing voice is just lovely.
The other performers gave it their all as well. They incorporated a wide variety of instruments into the musical numbers, showcasing their numerous talents.
I had goosebumps when the group all sang together to create some of the most beautiful harmonies I’ve ever heard.
In addition to performing the traditional standards we all know and love, Betsy shared several songs that she wrote herself. She truly put her heart and soul into this work!
What a show! I laughed, I cried, I had an amazing time. Keep an eye on the She’s Folks website and Facebook page so you don’t miss your next opportunity to see this amazing show!