Sienna, Bennett and their parents visited me again a few weeks ago to take some pictures! We headed out to the park and got down to work right away. Bennett jumped at the opportunity to explore this hollowed out tree…
…but Sienna wasn’t too sure about it.
Mom and Dad took a moment to pose together, too.
What do you see, Sienna?
Bennett was having fun throwing the leaves in to the air.
Time to head to the lake shore! Sienna got a ride from her dad.
And Bennett wanted to show off his swashbuckling skills before we stepped on to the sand.
He was excited to check out the beach!
After running on the sand for awhile, we went to the playground. Sienna made funny faces…
…while Bennett tried out the rings.
Something’s funny about this seat…
…it was muddy!
But that didn’t deter Sienna from getting back in.
It was great seeing you and your parents, Sienna and Bennett. Come back and see me again soon!