Stacy’s gorgeous wedding gown was hanging and ready…
…and her shoes were ready to be put on, too.
Everything was set and ready to go for her and Pete’s big day. The day was off to a great start, too, as Stacy’s friends and family gathered to help her with preparations. The team from Tamara Hair + Makeup had just finished, and here, Stacy’s brother gets a few laughs in with his sister.
The bride’s parents were on hand as Stacy gathered up her dress.
Slipping into the wedding gown is no easy task!
Luckily, Stacy had plenty of smiling faces to back her up.
The veil was secured…
…and the final touches applied.
There were big cheers all around as our bride made her entrance.
Meanwhile, the guys were staying busy in their room.
Pete hated to leave the table, but was more excited to get into his suit and tie.
When he was finished getting ready, Pete moved into position for his first meeting with Stacy. Soon after, the bride was making her way to join him.
Pete couldn’t keep the smile off his face as he waited in the lobby of the Hotel Allegro, where all the wedding-day festivities happened. A smile spread over Stacy’s face as well when she spotted her groom.
Their first meeting complete, we hit the streets for some pictures around town before the ceremony.
The streets were buzzing as the wedding party made their way through.
And there was plenty to see, too!
The groomsmen all laughed and joked as they lined up for a group photo…
…and the bridesmaids got photo-bombed by a friendly passer-by!
The entire crew was in great spirits…
…and very willing to line up for portraits.
It was still fairly chilly out, so Stacy put on a jacket to keep warm between pictures.
And Stacy’s brother wasn’t afraid to stop a little traffic to keep things moving.
When we arrived back at the hotel, Stacy headed back to her room for a minute to gather herself before the ketubah signing.
Surrounded by their family and friends, Stacy and Pete signed their ketubah.
Everyone offered up their warmest congratulations…
…and then it was time for the big show!
Pete took his place at the front of the ballroom as the ceremony began, not so anxious that he couldn’t ham it up for the camera for a second.
Stacy couldn’t have looked more gorgeous as she entered the ballroom and began to walk the aisle.
She was joined by her parents, who escorted her to Pete.
The couple joined arms, and the ceremony began.
Their marriage began under this beautiful chuppah. This, and all the floral design for the day, was created by Ryan at Stemline Creative.
Stacy was beaming as she made her vows of marriage to Pete.
The guests were beaming, too, as Stacy and Pete were declared to be husband and wife.
The marriage began with the breaking of a glass…
…and a kiss.
Congratulations, Stacy and Pete!
The newlyweds headed up to their suite for a few minutes of downtime before the reception.
Pete couldn’t stop giving his bride kisses!
Soon enough, the bride and groom were making their big entrance into the ballroom, met by cheers and applause from all their guests. Everything was off to a fantastic start, thanks in no small part to the efforts of their wedding coordinator, Ali Phillips.
After a fantastic meal, Stacy’s parents took to the microphone with a speech in honor of their daughter.
Stacy’s Maid of Honor was up next with her toast for the newlyweds.
Stacy’s brother had some words of advice for the newlyweds…
…and the couple wrapped up speeches by thanking everyone for their love, support and for sharing the day with them.
Then they took to the dance floor to share their first dance as husband and wife.
Stacy enjoyed a dance with her father…
…and the duo braced themselves as the Hora began!
Stacy closed her eyes tight as the chair lifted up.
The Hora is always so much fun!
Pete’s dad enjoyed his turn, for sure!
As the Hora ended, Stacy and her girls gathered for a group hug.
Then the Chris Sarlas Orchestra started off the dance party by playing one of the couple’s favorite songs.
And these guests were ready to dance!
The following is a collection of some of my favorite dance photos from the night:
There was a lot of love and energy in that room, and I hated to pry Stacy and Pete away from it as we went back outside for a few night portraits.
Pete was almost dragged back by one of the guests, but we managed to escape.
The evening ended with a quick jog around the block, taking pictures under the bright lights of the city.
And, of course, the trip was even better with a cake pop in hand.
Congratulations on your marriage, Stacy and Pete, and thank-you for sharing the day with me!