Leah and I traveled to Naperville a few weeks ago to photograph Starlight and Jeff’s wedding day. We arrived at Naperville’s Hotel Arista as Star’s friend Sara Jean Stevens was finishing the bride’s hair and make up.
Star’s cousin, who also served as Maid of Honor, was busy at work assembling a gift basket that Star wanted to gift to Jeff before their first meeting. The wedding was just a few days before Halloween and Star had chosen a very appropriate jack-o-lantern bucket for carrying the goodies.
Star’s shoes were ready and waiting…
…as her mother helped button up Star’s wedding gown.
Star’s grandmother helped out with the dress, too. I fell in love with her heart ring.
Star’s Maid of Honor helped her into the shoes…
…the bride took a deep, relaxing breath…
…and then we were ready to meet Jeff. Star looked gorgeous and couldn’t have been more ready to walk down the aisle.
Jeff, meanwhile, was with Leah and his Best Man as he finished his preparations.
After getting dressed he gave his brother a high-five and they were out the door.
Their first meeting was at a park near the hotel.
Jeff’s face lit up as he turned around and saw his bride for the first time.
They shared a few minutes together, and then we set out through the park to take pre-ceremony pictures.
It was a beautiful autumn day- and not a cloud in the sky.
While en route to our next location, Jeff and Star took some time to appreciate the floral work, which Phillip’s Flowers had done a wonderful job assembling.
Jeff was especially happy with the bouquet.
Jeff’s brother was getting bored… he needed more camera time!
But we had too many great ideas for Star and Jeff as they posed for portraits.
I love this picture.
This is series of photographs was taken at the Naper Settlement, a museum village where Naperville’s first residents lived.
And it was the perfect place for taking pictures- especially for Jeff and Star’s autumn themed wedding.
Wake up, Jeff! The day’s just getting started!
The limo pulled up in front of Maison Sabika, where the ceremony and reception were being held.
Star’s dad was there to meet us at the door.
Star took a seat in the bride’s lounge and reviewed her vows one last time.
Meanwhile, the guests were assembling in Maison Sabika’s courtyard, finding their seats for the ceremony.
It was a little chilly out but still nice enough to hold the ceremony outside. Star’s grandma bundled up to stay cozy during the wedding.
The ceremony was almost ready to start and the candles on the decorative tree weren’t lit. Sara Jean to the rescue!
Jeff was terribly excited to marry Star.
He took his place at the altar as Star was escorted down the aisle by her parents. They took each other’s hand as the ceremony began.
Star’s mom was seated in the front row.
Jeff’s dad and mom couldn’t have been prouder of their son.
And Star’s cousin beamed brightly throughout the ceremony.
Star gazed lovingly at Jeff…
…as he made his wedding vows to her.
They exchanged rings and vows, and then wrapped up the ceremony with a kiss.
The wedding party and their post-ceremony group picture.
The wedding party and their guests led guests inside, where they treated to a fantastic meal prepared by Maison Sabika. And I was digging the fall theme. Check out the ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ jack-o-lanterns!
After dinner, Jeff’s brother picked up the microphone with his toast for the newlyweds.
Jeff even held the speech while his brother read.
Right after the toasts, Star and Jeff thanked their guests for spending the day with them.
And then it was time for cake! This beauty was baked by Crème Cake Shop. Jeff was ready to dig in!
The cake was delicious, and the guests enjoyed their slices as Jeff and Star took to the floor to enjoy their first dance together.
Star held back some happy tears as she danced with her father.
What party is complete without games? Faith from Glass Slipper Entertainment, who was the DJ for the evening, had some wedding-themed party games all planned out for Star, Jeff and the guests to enjoy.
For this game, Jeff and Star held their own shoe in one hand and one of their spouse’s shoes in the other. Faith would a Newlywed Game-type question and Star and Jeff would hold up the shoe of the person who best fit the description. Here, Jeff holds up his shoe to answer a question posed by the DJ.
The guests were all amped up after the game and ready to party. The lights went down and the dancing began.
And these guests were ready to party!
Jeff’s parents enjoyed a slow dance together.
Baby down!
I was wrapping things up for the night and said a quick good-bye and thank-you to Star and Jeff, who were having a blast on the dance floor.
The last shot of the day was their ring shot, which I took on this banner for Illinois State, where they were both enrolled when they met.
Congratulation on your marriage, Star and Jeff! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!