I work with Jen from Starshaped Press a lot, and was thrilled when she asked me to drop by for a visit.
I love letterpress, especially the work done by Starshaped. Check out their website… Starshaped is one of the only printers in the country that utilize old-fashioned wood and metal type.
Jen puts in a lot of time and effort, but it pays off with a gorgeous final product.
Her daughter Jo was hanging out in the shop that day, too, and agreed to show me around the shop.
She was especially proud of this print that she helped her mom to design.
Jen and Jo attach this press to a bike to teach kids how to print at festivals and street fairs. They blog about their adventures around the city.
What a team!
This guy was yelling at me as I left Starshaped. Okay, okay… I’m leaving!
Thanks for showing me around the shop, Jo and Jen! I can’t wait to see what cool designs you two will come up with in the future!