Look! I found a baby!
Just kidding…. this is Stella. Stella and her parents met up with me recently to hit up the town and take some family photos.
What a cutie. Stella’s mom wears a special necklace in honor of her precious daughter.
And Stella’s dad is GREAT at doing air tosses. Look at that smile!
Stella’s whole family are naturals in front of the camera.
We were having a great time, and there was something I wanted to show Stella and her parents.
Monster house!
Stella wasn’t afraid at all, and we decided that she deserved a treat.
Molly’s Cupcakes! The staff there were wonderful. They gave Stella the seat of honor and a special cupcake for the photos.
I think Stella is a fan of Molly’s!
Thanks for a great afternoon, Stella! Here’s wishing you many happy, cupcake-filled dreams.