I arrived at The Byron Colby Barn and found Stephanie, the beautiful bride, all dressed up and ready for her first meeting with her soon-to-be husband. Her father, who has passed away, was with her throughout the day. The picture of him on Stephanie’s bouquet was given to her by her Aunt Cindi.
Brian was waiting for her outside of the barn.
Boy, was he happy to see her.
We didn’t waste any time getting the photography started and hit the grounds around the barn right away.
And we weren’t alone! Insect friends, like mosquitoes and this grasshopper, came along for the ride.
No worries, though. They were real troopers about the creepy crawlies.
There’s no way we could walk by this sign and not check out what was going on.
A bench under a weeping willow? C’mon. Perfect for a wedding photo.
And the weeping willow was just the start. There were tons of beautiful spots to photograph at.
And lots of animals, too. Bugs and horses!
That’s when the wedding party found us…
…and joined us for some group shots. Silo! (I just like the way that word sounds…)
Stephanie’s nephew Brandon, who was participating in the ceremony by escorting his grandmother down the aisle, announced his presence.
He was a riot! I wish I had that kind of energy… and agility.
Stephanie’s sister, Stacey, pinned Brandon down for a picture together.
Brian and his groomsmen also posed for a group shot…
…and then it was time to head out to the ceremony.
Stephanie watched from the barn’s window as her guests assembled in the yard.
When everyone was there and seated, Brian took his place at the front of the crowd.
Stephanie’s brother walked her down the aisle, giving her a big hug before she took her place next to Brian.
Stephanie and Brian shared a smile, then the ceremony got started.
Brian’s brother-in-law led things off by welcoming the guests to the ceremony.
The ceremony was officiated by Stephanie’s best friend’s mom, Linda. Linda’s known Stephanie since she was 9 years old.
Brian’s dad watched as his son made his vow to Stephanie.
Stacey, Stephanie’s sister, was the Maid of Honor.
Stephanie’s grandmother went through a few Kleenex during the ceremony.
With vows made and rings exchanged, Stephanie and Brian were officially hitched!
Stephanie and Brian ran off to spend some time alone together.
Brian gave a shout-out to the guests before he and Stephanie disappeared.
And I left these two lovebirds to do their thing…
…and went to take some detail shots.
But first I snapped a picture of Brian’s footwear…
…and Stephanie’s fabulous shoes.
Stephanie’s bouquet, and all the flowers for the day were designed by Nancy Rolison.
These wands, which were waved as congratulations for the couple were made by Stephanie’s mom and sister.
And both Brian and Stephanie created the ribbon wall they stood in front of for the ceremony.
After capturing the details outside, I went inside the barn where I found a lot more cool stuff.
Brian is an amazingly talented artist. He was responsible for a lot of the details, one of which was this painting that guests were invited to sign.
They hung some of their engagement photos from the barn’s loft.
The wedding cake…
…and cake topper, which matched their other decorative flags.
Stephanie, Brian and their families were helped out by Elizabeth from Anticipation Events who lent a hand with planning the day.
The tables were perfectly set and ready to be filled up with yummy food from Catered Productions.
And then there was this unexpected detail.
Cocktail hour. (no pun intended)
Stephanie was there, and ready to knock a few back.
The flower girl was having fun playing hide-and-seek.
The guests were mingling…
…while enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
Brian’s sister and nephew rounded up the troops and moved everyone inside the barn for dinner.
When everyone had made their way inside, Brian and Stephanie made their big entrance.
Here they are as they dance their first dance together.
After the dance, they took their places at the head table.
Stephanie’s sister was the first one up to toast the new couple.
Then Brian’s friend and best man Josh said a few words.
Finally, Brian and Stephanie took the mic to thank the guests for sharing the day with them.
And then it was time to dance!
Stax O Wax laid down the trax, and they weren’t lax in getting everybody to have fun and relax. Oh yeah, I went there.
Stacey was tearing up that dance floor!
What a party! The place was jumpin’!
Stephanie’s grandma showed everyone where Stephanie got her sweet dance moves from.
Whew! What a day! What a party! I’m glad I got to share it with, Brian and Stephanie. You two are a blast to be around, and I hope to see you again real soon. Congratulations on your marriage!
Also, thanks to Jenny Elwick for photographing with me and coming all the way from San Francisco to do it!