Stephany was hanging her wedding dress for pictures when I arrived at her hotel suite. She was so ready to walk the aisle and marry Daniel, and was already bubbling over with happiness as she made her preparations.
Stephany’s parents were in the room with her while she got ready, on hand to help as needed.
Stephany’s mom – along with Stephany’s sister- did help the bride get into her gorgeous wedding gown. Stephany’s smile in this picture says it all!
This bride was ready to go!
So was groom Daniel, who was waiting in the spot designated for the couple’s first look. You could tell just how nervous and excited Daniel was… he couldn’t wait to see his bride!
Pure happiness! Daniel and Stephany took a few minutes to admire each other before the wedding party joined us for group pictures. Such a beautiful way to start the celebration!
The couple had a friend officiate their ceremony. Seen here, their celebrant was with us for the pre-ceremony shoot, jumping in for the occasional picture.
After the first look, we headed over to the Kinzie Street Bridge. The day was perfect- so bright and sunny. A handful of people on bikes rode by during our shoot, giving their congratulations along the way.
Next up was the monster house, which is such a fun stop for wedding pictures. Everybody took a turn trying to open the monster’s door; nobody succeeded.
Run for your lives!
Then we headed over to the West Loop, making a stop by the Metra tracks. Stephany and Daniel were so cute as they cuddled and laughed together during the photos.
Daniel took a load off, looking his coolest and most relaxed for the camera.
We arrived at the ceremony and reception venue, Gallery 1028, with time to spare, so I took the wedding party over to a huge white wall just across the street for one more round of portraits.
Stephany started things off with gathering her girls together.
Daniel and Stephany’s faces were sore from all that smiling– but they were just getting started! After a quick series of facial massages, the two were ready for their ceremony.
Stephany couldn’t have looked any more thrilled or gorgeous to be walking the aisle. Both of her parents escorted her to the front of the room where Daniel was waiting.
Daniel and Stephany’s friend began the ceremony with a few words in honor of the couple. It was such a special and happy event!
With vows, rings and a kiss exchanged, Daniel and Stephany were married. Congratulations! The two made their way back down the aisle, met by applause from their family and friends.
At the reception, the newlyweds began the party by sharing their first dance as a married couple.
Then Stephany’s father took the microphone to begin the parent speeches with a toast in honor of the couple.
Her sister was up next with a loving tribute…
…and then the Best Man took his turn, delivering a speech that was met with lots of laughter.
Stephany’s mom took a turn, too, and her words were so sweet that Stephany couldn’t help but stand by her mother while she spoke. Such a sweet moment!
Then it was time to dance! And boy, was this group ever ready to party. See for yourself in this collection of images from Daniel and Stephany’s dance party:
What a celebration! Thank you for including me in the festivities, Daniel and Stephany. Many congratulations on your marriage!