Susan and Brian had a perfect day. The weather was definitely on their side!!! This was my first time at the Glessner House Museum (check it out) and we got to shoot at ‘Lifes Too Short’. I have always wanted to shoot at that location and today was the day!

A red curtain and a white dress. Perfect!

Some makeup.
Unfortunately, Filter in Wicker Park is closed. Luckily, Susan saved the menu and I used it for the ring shot. Brian asked her to marry him after their date at Filter.
Some family wait while the bride finishes getting ready…
The reaction to the paparazzi.
The Chinese tea ceremony.
I love this shot of Susan waiting to leave for pictures.
Yup, thats Chicago!
And then she changes into the white dress for even more pictures!
Some Wicker Park action.
A pedestrian stops for a shot!
And ‘Lifes Too Short’!
Another skyline shot.
The ceremony…
The fun begins!
The cake.
The first dance!
Some glow sticks at night! So cool.
The bride changes back into the red dress for some more partying!
Another dance.
Somebody could not handle the party! Laurie caught him…Thanks Laurie!!
Ha…this says it all!!