Tamara and Robert grabbed their puppy and met me in Lincoln Park for their engagement session!
They found out about my work when I photographed their friends Andrea and Donald last year. I can’t wait for their wedding. It’s going to be a good time!
The puppy takes flight.
We left the lakefront and headed to the Lily Pond for more photos.
And they’re brave! I like the commitment to the photos!
They broke out the blocks and gave a shout out to the soon-to-be Jost family!
I love props and Tamara brought a few. They are having a library themed wedding reception next year so she brought along some old books and a very cool card catalog that will be used at the reception.
Perfect book for the shoot!
We set out about the town to take more photos.
We ended up at this spot on the west side. That’s right. My new home away from home. LOVE this site!
Tamara’s friend was along for the ride. I had met her at another wedding I had shot. She’s a hoot! I call this her infamous “middle finger bomb”. She rocks.
Somebody wants to play!
So cute.
Flexing and showing off their muscles.
Last stop, the Kinzie Street bridge!
Robert and Tamara, I’m excited to shoot your wedding! Take care, and we’ll see each other soon!