The Levens family won a portrait session I donated for an auction at The Nettelhorst School here in Chicago, and I met up with them on a morning off from school to take some photos.

This little man pictured here is Owen.

His big brother Benjamin was hanging around, too.
Owen wasn’t afraid to clown around for my camera!
But he was also very Zen.
But the brothers aren’t the only kids in the family.
They have a sister, too! Her name is Claudia.
And here are Mom and Dad, too.
Owen showed off his missing tooth.
Don’t worry, Owen… it’ll grow back!
All of the kids were great models and had a lot of fun posing for the camera.
Everybody walked like an Egyptian.
Taking pictures can be draining, and Owen was getting a little tired.
He’s lucky he has an awesome big sis who was willing to carry him.
The kids did their own thing while I took a few pictures of Mom and Dad alone.
But they didn’t let us forget they were there!
It was great hanging out with you!