I met the LoSasso family at the park for the family photo session they won in an auction for Rogers Park Montessori School.

I knew it would be fun when the first thing that I witnessed were two dogs dancing!

The aftermath of the doggy dance. Hate when that happens!
But oldest brother George didn’t let it get him down!
Here’s George again, sharing the camera with his youngest brother, Jude.
Big hugs from Jude!
Luke gets in on the action by playing in leaves with Jude!
Jude finds a pretty, good-smelling flower…
…and gives it to mom! What a gentleman!
Here’s the family dog, keeping an eye on his humans.
The boys pose with mom.
We moved on to Lincoln Square. Here are the guys looking rough ‘n tough!
Hey Jude! Something tells me that this will not be the last time he hears that!
George comes in for a surprise!
Luke does a great job of making funny faces.
The boys with their father.
Nothing like a little monkeyin’ around!
A quick shot of the whole family…
…and then off to Margie’s Candies for ice cream!
Luke was chowing down on his! I would, too!
George takes a minute to appreciate the beauty of a Margie’s cone.
What a good brother! Luke shares a bite with Jude.
The ice cream was a real hit with the boys!
Especially Jude!
Thanks for a great afternoon, LoSasso family! And thanks for supporting Rogers Park Montessori School!