After a wonderful rehearsal and Korean tea ceremony the night before, I was back with Tree as she made preparations for her wedding celebration. The artists from Sonia Roselli had finished with her hair and makeup, and following a few touches, Tree looked perfect.
Her nieces were there, too, observing the process and learning a few tricks of their own!
Tree’s sister-in-law looks in on the bride during preparations.
Tree’s friend Nathan Waldo, who put his creative skills to work as the florist for the event, dropped by to deliver the bouquet.
Then it was time for the dress! Tree’s mom gathered the dress from the closet…
…and the bride slipped into her gown.
Meanwhile, Todd was with his groomsmen as they made their preparations.
Tree loves Star Wars, and we made sure to include as many items from the movies as possible.
With the Darth Vader mask on, Todd couldn’t help but check one more time to see if he had any powers of the Force. Not this time, but keep trying, Todd!
Tree let Todd know she had arrived at their First Look with a gentle tap of the lightsaber.
Todd took a good look at his bride…
…and then we were off to take pre-ceremony portraits.
This scruffy-looking nerf-herder kept popping up in pictures…
Tree and Todd were married at W City Center and there were a ton of beautiful backdrops to shoot in front of…
…but the city was calling our name. Braxton, Jack from Ben Mahoney Productions, Tree, Todd, myself and the Dark Lord of the Sith hopped in the limo and hit the road.
It was a beautiful and snowy Chicago afternoon, but even in a sleeveless gown, Tree was ready for pictures outside.
We thought the falling snow was gorgeous, and I think it made for some fantastic pictures.
Like most of this winter, being in downtown Chicago felt like living in a snow globe… or on Hoth.
We moved a few blocks up the road…
…I told them that we would never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the board of trade, and that we would have to be cautious. A lightsaber duel broke out anyway.
You’re making lightsaber sounds in your mind right now, aren’t you?
After a long, tense battle, Todd relents.
And peace talks were successful.
It was almost time for the ceremony, so we trudged through the Hoth-like streets of Chicago, back to the W.
And soon after, Tree was being escorted down the aisle by her father.
Todd unveiled his bride at the front of the room…
…while Tree’s mom and dad watched proudly from the first row.
The room was absolutely gorgeous. The birch trees that lined the aisle were a perfect compliment for a winter wedding. Bridget from Shannon Gail did a fantastic job helping Tree and Todd plan and execute their wedding.
Tree was so happy to have her brother perform the ceremony. Here, Todd delivers his wedding vow to his bride.
After vows were delivered, rings were exchanged.
Todd was proud to show off his wedding band!
And then they were married! Congratulations!
There were lots of happy tears immediately following the ceremony.
While guests were enjoying cocktail hour, the newlyweds snuck a peak at the reception hall. You’ll see more in a minute…
…but if the setup for cocktail hour was any indication, there reception hall was going to knock ’em dead!
Tree and Todd made their entrance into the reception with a full lightsaber salute.
Their Star Wars cake topper was resting comfortable on top of this confectionary delight, cooked up by the pros at Alliance Bakery.
All the Jedi were showing their excitement as Tree and Todd began speeches.
They thanked everyone for sharing the day with them…
…and then Todd’s family took the microphone to offer their thanks and love.
Tree’s dad and brother were up next, giving a warm and loving speech…
…that solicited a tear or two from the bride.
The band Sixteen Candles began to play and Tree and Todd shared their first dance as husband and wife.
Todd surprised his bride by having one of their friends play the sax during their first dance.
Next up were the parents dances. Tree started things off by dancing with her father.
Todd’s mother was up next!
Then everyone hit the floor, dancing their hearts out to the 80’s grooves that were begin laid down!
And there was a ton of dancing, too! Not only did Sixteen Candles perform…
…but FIG was on hand to DJ as well.
These are not the droids you’re looking for! When someone breaks the robot, you know the party is in full swing.
What a party! The dance floor was packed!
And a celebratory shower of confetti topped everything off perfectly.
Congratulations on your marriage, Tree and Todd! Thanks for sharing it with me!