Tree and Todd are getting married in January of next year, and wanted to take advantage of the warm summer weather to have their engagement photos taken.
There were UFO warnings out for the area, but we decided to proceed anyway.
And Tree and Todd weren’t alone! Their four-legged friend was along for the ride, too.
This pup is a natural in front of the camera. You better pose!
Tree and Todd will be getting married at the W City Center.
Their pup will be part of the wedding… you know I’m excited to photograph that!
But for now, I was taking them around town to show them some of my favorite places for pictures.
There were some new sights, too, like this drawing sprayed onto the pavement.
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as we traveled down the less-worn paths of the city.
We may not be able to get to places like this in January, so I’m glad we had the chance to do it now.
And we’ll have a brand-new set of locations for pictures at their wedding!
I love it! Tree had me cracking up while visiting the luchador.
After a few good laughs, I set to balance things out by posing Tree and Todd up for some more serious portraits.
Well, about as serious as I get, anyway.
The shoot was a success! A cold beer sounded like a well-deserved treat.
Todd and Tree cozied up to the bar and put in their orders.
These really hit the spot!
Congratulations on your engagement, Tree and Todd! I’m counting the days until I see you again in January!