Whitney and Dan are getting married in Arizona later this year. They asked me to shoot an engagement session with them in Chicago before their big day, and I was more than happy to! I met up with them in the park on a bright, sunny October afternoon.
This area of the park near the lily pad pond makes me feel like I’m miles away from the city, out in the middle of the woods.
It’s so calm and relaxing there, we were tempted to hang out for a awhile.
But we had photos to take! We headed off to Life’s Too Short.
I have always wondered who created this awesome mural.
I need to find that person and thank them for the great backdrop!
We slowed down for a second here before moving down the street…
…and onto this bridge!
Going underneath the bridge allows for a great silhouette shot, like this!
After the bridge, we wandered on to this empty lot by the train tracks.
Great view of the skyline from this spot!
Big hugs!
Loving the sparkles from Whitney’s top!
Whitney was really getting the hang of posing for the camera. I had to do some solo shots!
I jumped up on the ledge to get this shot of the couple.
Whitney and Dan, I know you will have an awesome wedding in Arizona! We’ll be thinking of you while we’re stuck in Illinois! Congratulations on your engagement!