Whitney….sorry it has taken me so long to post! This is my first wedding on the new blog. I hope everyone enjoys how large the photos are now. I am so excited to get started!!!! Whitney and Dan are awesome. I shot their engagement session near the Fox River and they took me out on their boat. It was a blast. I knew the wedding would be very cool and it was. The weather was perfect, Whitney was beautiful and Dan was all smiles. I am getting so lucky this year. Everyone that I get to work with shares the same vision as myself and I cant wait to keep the photos coming. Enjoy!!!

The happy jewelry.

The dress.
Some final touches.
Mom gets emotional when Whitney is finished getting ready.
Caught up in the veil.
These next two are thanks to Jenny Elwick. Hilarious.
Dan is a chiropractor and here he is giving his brother a free session.
Whitney and her father on their way to see Dan for the first time.
Sorry about hitting you with the golf balls. Oops.
I love this one.
So cute. Whitney and Dan with her grandparents.
Family craziness.
The details were beautiful!
Her dad was so emotional. It was great!
Crazy baby. Ha.
Whitney and her dad.
The dance floor pretty much rocked!
The best man gave a great speech! The speech involved Whitneys big toe. Nuf’ said.