Yana was finishing up with her make up when I arrived at her suite at the James Hotel. It was finally time for her to walk the aisle with Patrick, and Yana was ready to get into her dress to get the day started.
Yana’s bridesmaids were hanging out in the suite, watching as the bride made her final preparations.
Yana slipped into her dress, checked her hair one last time, and we were out the door.
Patrick was getting ready, too, with some assistance from his groomsmen.
He strapped into his tux and headed downstairs for his first glimpse of his bride.
Yana and Patrick had their wedding-day first look in the lobby of the James Hotel where they were also hosting their reception.
Yana, Patrick, and the wedding party loaded up the party bus. We were on a mission to take some pre-wedding photos!
Our first stop was Union Station downtown.
We took some photos in the station’s iconic stairway…
…then headed outside for the next set.
With the Union Station shoot wrapped up, the wedding party headed down the street.
I love this photo of the wedding party.
Back on the bus!
Yana’s brother was all smiles as the trolley traveled through the city.
Our next stop was the Kinzie Street Bridge, and it’s great view of downtown Chicago.
It was almost time to head over to the church, but first we journeyed to a nearby park for some family photos.
Stranger danger! This shady character was wandering around Washington Square Park where we were doing family pictures.
One quick picture with creepy Bert…
…and then Patrick’s mom and dad stepped in for a shot.
Yana’s mom was there, too.
Patrick’s mom was deep in thought as we made our way to the church.
The wedding ceremony was held at the gorgeous St. James Chapel.
Soon enough, Yana was walking down the aisle.
Yana’s father gave her a kiss before Yana joined Patrick at the altar.
Yana’s mom beamed as the priest began the ceremony.
Yana’s dad kept his eye on me, making sure I stayed out of trouble.
Yana and Patrick held hands as they recited their marriage vows to each other.
Yana waves at a guests while holding her bouquet, which was designed by the florists at Vale of Enna.
The wedding guests blessed the unions…
…and the couple began their marriage with a kiss.
Awwww…. one of the flower girls thought her mom left without her! Mom was still there, though!
Yana posed for a few pictures while the guests exited the chapel…
…and when the last guest was outside, she and Patrick made their grand exit together.
Immediately following the ceremony, we made the short walk from the chapel to Michigan Ave.
We played in traffic for a minute…
…and then stopped to say hello to this friendly guy.
The newlyweds had to wave to the crew at ABC-7 when we passed by their window.
Taking pictures can be exhausting, and we needed a pick-me-up. Patrick stopped by Wow Bao to get a drink and a snack.
That hit the spot! Time to head back to the James Hotel for the party!
Each table at the reception had a bottle of vodka for guests to toast with.
Their gorgeous cake was baked by Bittersweet Pastry.
Yana showed me a picture of her grandparents who have passed. She was very close to them. They took center stage on the memorial table as the reception started.
Soon after guests finished a delicious meal catered by David Burke’s Primehouse, Yana’s parents took the microphone to kick off the toasts.
Patrick’s dad thanked the guests for sharing the day with him and his family.
Yana’s maid of honor gave a fantastic speech in honor of the newlyweds.
Yana’s brother made a toast, too.
Patrick and Yana thanked their guests….
…and then took to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife.
Yana and her father were smiling throughout the father/daughter dance.
Everyone was having a great time, enjoying the dance floor and vodka shots!
Max from Style Matters was there to keep the guests moving on the dance floor.
Yana’s parents enjoyed many dances together that evening.
The day was absolutely perfect!
Congratulations on your marriage, Yana and Patrick!