Lisa had me come over to take some pictures of the family pup Zumi. Isn’t he a stately gentleman?
After a friendly greeting, he offered me a tour of his home.
First stop, the water bowl. Very important to remember where the water bowl is during the dog days of summer.
Next stop was his favorite chair. Zumi’s had many sweet dreams curled up on this beauty.
But now wasn’t the time for napping…
Zumi had a surprise for me. He looked down the hallway to find what he was looking for.
His favorite toy! We took a time out to play with the fish for a minute.
And this was Lisa’s favorite childhood toy. Zumi gave me fair warning: that’s not for dogs to play with.
The end.
Thanks for the tour, Lisa and Zumi! It was great hanging out with you… enjoy the rest of your summer!