Fall Backyard Sessions

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year: wearing my comfy hoodie, bonfires in the backyard, the colorful leaves… I love it all. And one of the highlights of the fall is my annual backyard photo sessions. I fill my yard with pumpkins, hay bales, mums, and all kinds of fall goodies, then spend the […]

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Senior Portraits

Our high school seniors may not be kicking off the academic year the way they’d been expecting, but we’re still celebrating them, their achievements and this important milestone in their lives. Below are some of my favorite images from senior portrait sessions I’ve shot over the years… and I’m looking to add some new faces […]

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Celine was so excited to share with me all her beauty tips and secrets. We had a blast as she got all dolled up and then posed for a round of portraits. So many giggles and smiles… what a cutie! I’m always game for photographing young ones as they explore the world, trying out new […]

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Backyard Weddings

As we enter the “new normal” that this year has thrust us into, we are all thinking about ways to safely celebrate our milestones.  Backyard weddings are a personal, intimate way to connect with those closest to you, and still mark the occasion with a celebration! Here are five advantages to having a backyard wedding: […]

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Five questions with Kelly from Clementine Custom Events.

How long have you been a wedding planner?  Tell us a little bit about Clementine Custom Events. I have been planning weddings for 18 years! Before I opened Clementine Custom Events I worked at a large catering and event planning company for 7 years.  I started Clementine in 2009 by myself and I worked really […]

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Do you need a permit?

A few places in Chicago will require permits. A lot our clients love the Chicago Park District locations so that is always a good place to start. These would include the Garfield and Lincoln Park Conservatories, Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Lincoln Park Zoo, Olive Park and a few other locations. We suggest that you check […]

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Shake it!

We love nothing more than a crowded dance floor! We know you want everyone dancing at your reception. Who doesn’t? We always recommend that our couples dance for the first several songs to ensure your guests know you aren’t playing around! If they see you leave the dance floor they might think they are off […]

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Traveling for weddings.

Are you are getting married outside of Chicago? We love photographing everywhere. Shooting in new places allow us to really flex our creative muscles. From NYC to Mexico City, we’ve got you covered!

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Finding your officiant.

It’s so important to find the right person to marry you in front of your closest friends and family. There are a few ways to go about finding the right person. Whether you hire an officiant or ask a friend to marry you, it’s so important to let them get to know you and your […]

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Stepping outside at night.

This city lights up at night. It’s also a great excuse to have some alone time after hours of dancing. Lets escape the craziness for a few minutes and get some beautiful cityscape images with the twinkle lights of the night sky.

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Photographing murals on your wedding day.

Chicago is one of the most colorful and vibrant cities in the world. Lets take advantage of that and scour this urban landscape for some bold murals to use as your photo backdrops. There are plenty to be had and new ones pop up all of the time. We can help guide you to the […]

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